2020 Jaguar F-Pace spied testing – SUV to receive tech overhaul

It’s been three years since the Jaguar F-Pace came to fruition, so it’s no surprise that the British marque is looking to bring it up to speed with the rest of its range for the 2020 model year. Our spy photographers have spotted a (heavily) camouflaged version testing in southern Europe ahead of its reveal.

Don’t be fooled by the heavy camo’, as this mid-cycle update is unlikely to offer any dramatic changes to styling, instead focusing on bringing the model’s technology in line with the rest of the range. Sharper head and tail light optics are to be expected, and both front and rear bumpers will see light alteration too. A new intake and grille design at the front is likely to make an appearance, and at the rear, a new diffuser complete with tweaked exhausts.

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Though details are predictably patchy at this stage, rumours suggest that we’ll see most of the changes inside, where it’ll adopt the more advanced PIVI Pro infotainment system alongside other tech features you’ll find in JLR’s more recent products. A sticking point of the current F-Pace is its unresponsive, confusing infotainment system, so an upgrade in that department will be a welcome addition. Although not shown in our images, our photographers noted the presence of heavy disguise in the cabin, further confirming the likelihood of significant interior changes.

2020 Jaguar F-Pace spied testing – SUV to receive tech overhaul | Evo

Volkswagen ID.3 R considered – the next-generation Golf R

The ID.3 is the most important car Volkswagen has unveiled in a long time, marking the beginning of its ID electric vehicle offensive and shaping its model line-up for decades to come. This aside, it’s not a particularly evo car in current form, so when can we expect a little more from the brand’s first standalone EV? Our sister title Auto Express caught up with top bosses to discuss.

In top specification, the standard ID.3 produces 201bhp from a single rear-mounted motor, enough to feel brisk whilst you’re popping to the shops, but certainly no match for the performance we’re accustomed to finding in an R product.

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In keeping with the Volkswagen R tradition, we’d expect to see the use of a front motor on a hot variant, making it all-wheel drive for improved acceleration. Of course, larger brakes, wheels, lower, stiffer suspension and more aggressive bodywork would also likely make an appearance. Through software tweaks similar to Track mode in the Tesla Model 3 Performance, EV powertrains can also be tuned to better handle spirited driving, allowing more slip, better acceleration and improved throttle response at the touch of a button.

In order to extract as much range as possible, efficiency is high on the agenda for EVs, meaning performance often takes a back burner. Volkswagen e-mobility product marketing specialist, Christine Leuderalbert, spoke about the difficulty of balancing the two attributes: ‘We’re actively considering it, but we need to do some work on how an electric car can also be a performance car. We know electric vehicles have excellent acceleration, but we need to look at how the rest of the package would affect the car’s efficiency.’

Despite the concerns, VW’s member of the board of management for sales and marketing, Jürgen Stackmann, added: ‘If there is a future for R, it must be electric. It’s very simple. We need to define what is R in the electric world; it’s different to what we know of in a Golf or any other car.’ He also said: ‘First will come plug-in hybrid, which is already coming with Touareg. That’s something where we have the answer. For the rest we need to find smart, sustainable answers. The plan is filled with great R models going forward but you have to accept that after this, you just can’t plough on. You’d look at us and ask what we are doing here. We have to find good answers for that and that work is happening now.’

As for when we might see an all-electric R model, Stackmann said: ‘We should be able to deliver something meaningful in under five years. But it’s turf without a lot of expertise for us, at the moment, so we have to start that journey.’

Volkswagen ID.3 R considered – the next-generation Golf R | Evo

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TitansRX – Back to basics?

Kevin Hansen was thrilled to claim his long-awaited first rallycross final victory on the road this season at Lydden Hill last weekend.


While the Swede has been a race winner in World Rallycross this season, the result came after a post-race decision. At ‘the home of rallycross’, Hansen dominated, having a strong run in qualifying before going on to sweep his semi-final and the final in convincing fashion.

“It was really nice to get my first win of the season, crossing the line first,” he said. “Overall it’s been such a great day; quick in warm-up, very good qualifying heats, a clean semi, and a very clean final. It summed up a great day and a great weekend for me with a double podium.”

“It’s a very very good feeling and to do it here where my rallycross career started is really special,” he added. “I remember when I was small and in the Swift here so it’s very different but it’s so nice and to feel that I’ve developed so much over the years is really cool.”

It is great to see WorldRX drivers fighting it out, door-to-door, on a classic RX course.

My gallery of images from the day are here: https://www.westyphotography.com/Sports/Rallycross/TitansRX/