10 Absolute Best Online Tools for Writers in 2021

10 Absolute Best Online Tools for Writers in 2021:

Whether you freelance or work in-house, there’s a constant pressure to better articulate your ideas, intrigue your audience, make fewer errors, and—of course—use your time more efficiently.
Thankfully (or unfortunately?) there are about two billion tools out there that all promise to help you improve your writing. But which ones will really make a difference? Which ones are actually worth your time and attention—not to mention your money?

Take Control of your device back

Take Control:

If we all make choices that reflect the technology we want to see in the world, we can regain control and together change the way technology is built. Grab a friend or family member today and join the movement by starting with your own devices.

New year is just around the corner so perhaps it is time to re-evaluate how much you live and share on social media – Don’t just default―reboot and rewire your experience with your technology with these actions:

Take Control

Share your story. Help change the system. #MySocialTruth


Whatever the benefits of social media, they aren’t worth the costs. After watching The Social Dilemma, over 40 million people worldwide are now aware of how social media harms us, and a powerful movement for change is growing.

#MySocialTruth offers a platform for young people like you to bring your voice to this movement. Share your experience, and help reimagine the future.

Perhaps you could encourage your son/daughter to share their experience of social media, and help change it for the better? You can find out more here: https://socialtruth.humanetech.com