Time to get packing

So, Canada is just around the corner now:

I think I am all set for what I am doing once I arrive – I now just need to get everything packed.

I am pretty sure I will be able to find WiFi at least once every other day, so Blogging should be fine.

I am planning to use the iPad wherever possible to Blog from – additional snippets may be added from the iPhone (both iOS device are running BlogPress).

I may also post to twitter occassionally: I will use the #WestyCA hash tag on the relevant posts.

I am also taking the Macbook Pro with me; predominantly for photo back-up purposes, but also to process an HDR images that I take along the route.

The Macbook Pro is running Mars Edit in case I feel like doing something slightly more ambitious with the post.

Now time to go and find that suitcase…

My full itinerary can be seen here:

Canada Plans

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