A night at the Rugby

A night with The Saracens

With the girls coming back from their week with Dad and Shirley, I took the opportunity to grab a couple of tickets to take Dad to Goldington Road to watch a pre-season friendly:


The final score may have been emphatic but this was always going to be the toughest test of Bedford Blues’ pre-season as they were eventually overpowered by Premiership giants Saracens.

However, this was a gutsy display by the Blues in the face of one of the strongest sides in Europe, who had to work hard for every one of their seven tries.

The hosts restricted Sarries to just two scores as they dug in during the first half, but Saracens were able to bring on 18 players after the break and this amazing strength in depth proved to be too much.

Some huge hits, great view from our ‘directors box’ seats (and a couple of pints of Eagle) turned out to be a really good evening.

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Superfast ‘free’ upgrade

Broadband renewel time…

A two minute chat with Sky Broadband landed me the Unlimited Pro package for the same price that I was currently paying.

They quoted ‘up to 76Mbps’ download – From what I can see, that is a little conservative (being 100 yards from the Fibre junction box helps though).

Pleased so far:

Try broadband speed test

The key for me isn’t just the download speed (which others can match), but the upload speed of close to 18Mbps.

For the amount of images and videos that I push to my site, this is imperative.

Stormy Niagara – October 2010

This month’s image in my 12from2010 project was taken during my recent tour of Canada – Specifically Niagara, Tornoto in this shot.

A fall gallery of images from my trip can be found at this link www.westyphotography.com/travel/canada/



I arranged my trip for September/October to ensure that I caught Canada in it’s ‘Fall’ colour scheme – I certainly got some lovely Landscape shots of the snow capped Rockies with Yellow, Brown and Green foliage in the foreground (earlier on in my trip in Alberta and B.C.) – The downside was that good weather was not guaranteed…

However, as a Photographer, bright blue skies are not always what you are after. This month’s shot of Niagara’s two falls (Canadian Horseshoe falls in the foreground, US falls in the distance) was taken 15 minutes or so before the heavens opened.

I set-up my D300 + 11-16 2.8 (thanks Dave!) on a small tripod, balanced on a wall, and took a total of 5 shots at different exposures to ensure that I had recorded all the detail in the dark sky, as well as the bright foreground.

As you can see from 3 of the 5 original shots below, this needed some work to get to the finished article I was after;



Next step was to bring all 5 images into Photomatix Pro to combine the different exposures to produce a single tonemapped image.

I then exported this as a TIFF file, which I opened in Photoshop RAW and added contrast and colour boosts where I saw fit using PhotoTools 2.

It is a fair bit of work, but I think the finished image is worth the effort.

I know that this HDR process is not to everyone’s taste, but I think when it isn’t overdone the effect can be very striking – I hope you think it works here!