Apple killing “Back to my Mac” in Mojave

There’s bad news for anyone who’s still a fan of Back to My Mac: Apple is killing off this suite of remote-access applications.

The good news is that Apple’s doing so because all the functionality has been supplanted by newer options.
Back to My Mac debuted way back in 2007. It allows users to access files stored on one computer from another. It also offers screen sharing so that a person sitting at one Mac can use their display, keyboard, and mouse to control a remote Mac.

But Apple has been notifying users about the imminent demise of Back to My Mac. It even prepared a support document to help people get ready.

iCloud Drive not Back to My Mac

For accessing files on distant computers, Apple recommends using iCloud Drive with all Macs.
“When you turn on iCloud Drive, your files automatically upload to iCloud, where they’re safely stored and available on all of your devices. Turn on the Desktop and Documents Folders option in iCloud Drive to store them in iCloud too. Now you have access to all of your files, on all devices, any time,” the support document points out.

Screen sharing is still around

One function of Back to My Mac is staying around. Apple assures users “If you have multiple Macs, screen sharing lets you use one Mac to view and control your other Mac remotely. This means you can open, move, and close files and windows, and use apps — even if you’re in another location.”
While Screen sharing is a basic tool. Apple Remote Desktop is available for network administrators who need to maintain large numbers of computers. It’s also often used by teachers to control the Macs in their classrooms.
Back to My Mac is not included in the macOS Mojave beta versions Apple is offering for testing.