Saturday Morning post party conversations

Ahead of tonight’s Kineo Christmas Party, I thought these were apt…

Your excuses, and what they really mean…

  • I think I got away without a hangover, actually = I’m still drunk
  • I left my card behind the bar = I was trying to impress someone and failed
  • I think I’m coming down with something = I’m not used to hangovers and am on my third Berocca
  • Pub lunch anyone? Hair of the Dog? = I’m a barely functioning alcoholic
  • I can’t remember anything after 8pm = I’m a depressed alcoholic
  • I can’t remember anything after 10pm = I can remember bits but am deeply ashamed and in denial
  • Thingy seemed really nice = I woke up next to Thingy
  • I think I’ve got food poisoning or gastric flu = I drunk way too much
  • The taxi driver tried to rip me off = I was sick in his cab and he threw me out
  • Thank God that’s over for another year = I’ll disgrace myself the same way next time