LEGO Group officially the world’s largest tyre manufacturer

It may come as a surprise that a staggering 318 million LEGO tyres are produced each year, that’s over 870,000 each day!


The LEGO factories produces tyres 24 hours per day, 365 days per year because nearly half of all LEGO sets include a wheel of some sort.

Emma Owen, PR & Promotions Manager at LEGO UK says: “Being awarded a Guinness World Record for largest tyre manufacture per annum is likely to be a surprise to many, but not to us and we are thrilled to take this record, 50 years after the invention of the LEGO tyre. Naturally we have previously broken records for creating the tallest LEGO towers, however with LEGO bricks, creativity holds no bounds and we have adopted this theory and looked outside the box with this latest world record challenge.”

Until the invention of the LEGO wheel in 1962, children simply simulated wheels with LEGO bricks. Today, with every second LEGO set featuring wheels, from police cars to safari jeeps, imaginations can go into overdrive.

Wheel Facts

  • The LEGO Group produces 381 million wheels a year.
  • Before the LEGO wheel was introduced, some LEGO sets included pre-moulded miniature cars, or children simulated wheels by using their LEGO brick collection.
  • The first LEGO wheel was included in set No.400, which launched in 1962. It was the best selling set in 1967 selling 820,400 boxes.
  • The smallest LEGO wheel stands 14.4mm high and belongs to a small two-seater car.
  • The largest LEGO wheel stands at 10.7cm high and features on the Power Puller, launched in 2000.