GFWilliams Retouching Blog Post

GFWilliams Retouching Blog Post:

The computer is becoming a larger and larger part of the process in modern photography and I’m a strong believer of embracing every tool that you’ve got available and using it in the best possible way while not over using it.  It’s often a tough balance to know when to stop and when to go mad, but at the end of the day it’s all personal choice and what you decide to do is what makes you the photographer you are.

Here I will show you some before/after shots and explain why I did what I did.





With this shot of the P1 I wanted it to have massive impact for the viewer. It was the first moving shot that anyone saw of the new McLaren P1 so I wanted it to look amazing and I wasn’t afraid of having a bit of a surreal feel to it as the car is a surreal looking car anyway, as its performance.







For this 911 photo I wanted to have a bit of an old school feeling with the colour tones. It’s quite a basic edit but I feel quite effective.






For this P1 photo I wanted to make the car really pop out so brought out the car a lot and enhanced the sun to give the shot a more interesting feel to it.






And finally a Cayman shot. I chose this to show that sometimes (quite often actually) the retouching can be very light, in this case I just boosted the yellow of the car and darkened the top of the sky.

Retouching in car photography can be a touchy subject, with some people spouting out “you’re not a real photographer if you have to photoshop the image”, I personally believe that it is best to be as rounded a photographer as possible, after all it is a lot easier to photoshop a good photo to be great then it is to photoshop a bad photo to be great.


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