3 Days of ‘No Facebook’


Into the fourth day of ‘no Facebook lent’, and I have to say, I don’t think I am missing anything.

It does seem odd that this blog post will end up on Facebook, but I guess that shows the power of cross posting Apps Drafts for iOS; you post in one place, it appears everywhere else.

So what am I missing?

To be honest, not much;

The endless game requests, or modern day ‘lucky heather’ (post this in 5 seconds to bring you luck stuff) are something I can happily live without, but I do wonder if there are photos, for example, that I am missing.

But then I remember than I have Instagram for photos, Twitter to chat, and Reeder for my news.

I know it is only 3 days in, but I think avoiding Facebook for the next 37 won’t be that hard at all.

See you on Twitter!