We owe you money, so that will cost YOU…

2014 11 21 15 37 40

Changing from a company car to a personal one has it’s draw backs… Paying for servicing, petrol etc. And of course, getting back into the farcical world of Insurance.

After just a month, I am now on my second insurance company. The first sent me a letter saying that although I had quoted 8 years No Claims Bonus (NCB), they only had history from my old employer of 7 years, and thus wanted an additional £200… The original quote was only £260!

To add insult to injury, performing a new quote, with the same insurance company, using 7 years NCB, on their website actually came out at the exact same premium that I was originally quoted…

Goodbye company with smiley red phones that drive around a lot.

However, today I am even more gob-smacked. I get a letter from company #2, saying that ‘Company NCB’ is not the same as ‘Personal NCB’, so I owe them £20.14.

Which is fine – For £20, I just don’t need the grief.

The bit that really got me though was when phoning up to pay my additional £20.14, I was told that that cost included their admin. fee for changing policies of £26?! Eh, so did they want £46.14?! No, they wanted £20.14….


Well, it turns out that, as I had company NCB, my premium should have been lower than originally quoted, so, in order to return the money that I had over paid, they kindly sent me a letter (the £26), which means that I now owe them £20.14?! WHAT?

Just keep the £5.86 you owe me! Seriously, I didn’t know about it anyway.

Of course, they can’t – they need to amend the policy, and hence it is £20.14 or a cancelled policy, and the whole process start again.

You seriously can’t make it up.

In summary, they are charging ME to pay ME the money that they owe ME!

Having said that, it was worth £20.14 just to make the rep on the phone explain it all too me twice… and keeping a straight face.