A day of two halves…

750MC – Donington Park


Another early start for our last round of the season.

A cold, wet MR2 (overnight) led to early nerves, as it refused to start on arrival at the circuit.

All up and running in time for scruttenering – fingers crossed it sails through, and gets the OK to race.

Simon has made some adjustments to the clutch, so hopefully will feel a little more at ease with the car now.

Weather is fine and bright, so no risk of a wet race, but cold tyres on the early laps could be problematic. Better take it easy at first.


Spins, spins and more spins – cars off all over the place.

Thankfully not Simon, but we have now been called to see the Clerk of Course – could be a short day…

All good, Simon was just asked about an incident that happened around him… Bring on Race 1

Race 1 at 14:10

A great start off the line, and middle of the field for the first couple of laps.

Then the fun and games started – spins, contact and more spins.

Simon kept going, finishing in our best position of the season.

Really pleased with the car, and progress – looking forward for more of the same in race 2.

Race 2 at 16:30

What a HUGE anti-climax – the electrical gremlins from Anglesey return again, meaning that we don't even get to make the starting grid.

Such a shame to end the season like this, but race 1 was enough to make us want more… Bring on 2015