Day out in North Wales

Date: 2 August 2014 11:15
Location: B5109, Beaumaris, Wales, United Kingdom
Weather: 15° Partly Cloudy
Photo: 2014-8-2.jpg

Beaumaris – Anglesey

2014 8 2

After an aborted drive to Llandudno (we realised that we were following the rain), we headed to Anglesey and Beaumaris.

Lovely little seaside town, very windy, especially on our walk down the very short pier but perfect for a walk and tea & cake whilst we decided our plans for the day. Shortstop at the lifeboat station and then back over the Menai bridge with amazing views down the Menai Strait and of Bangor Pier.

Weather is clearing up!

Date: 2 August 2014 13:05
Location: Allt y Castell, Caernarfon, Wales, United Kingdom
Weather: 17° Mostly Cloudy
Photo: 2014-8-2 (1).jpg

Caernarfon Castle

2014 8 2  1

All dry now, so we headed back to ‘base’ to visit Caernarfon Castle.

And what a castle it is – The best I have seen in the UK. Huge, loads to see, plenty to do.

They must spend a fortune on up-keep, but it is worth it.

The views from the top of the towers are amazing – Particularly when you look out to see ‘our’ piece of the castle.

Still can’t really believe where we are staying.

Worth the trip to Wales alone… Now time for lunch, and Megan’s “promised” ice-cream.

Lunch at “Blas” which is a restaurant within the town walls that uses one of walls as it’s wall. Lovely food and the girls got to try out their welsh.

Date: 2 August 2014 17:35
Location: Marine Drive, Llandudno, Wales, United Kingdom
Weather: 17° Partly Cloudy
Photo: 2014-8-2 (2).jpg


2014 8 2  2

Nice and dry now, wind dropping, so we decided to go over to take a look at Llandudno.

A walk along the pier, followed by a stunning drive along the ‘Marine Drive’ toll road with views back to Llandudno. Saw the amazing Great Orme Tram (which looks like a San Francisco tram) going up and down the very steep side of Great Orme, had to look up how it works as it seemed to defy gravity.

Again the scenery is amazing – Second only to Canada for me.

You can tell how ‘pretty’ the place is when you become blasé with the views, because you know that there will be another stunning one around the next corner.

Hoping for a dry day tomorrow, then off to Snowdon on Monday.