What a day!

Today I realised what Landscape photography is all about – A wide angle lens and polarising filter and away you go.

I think the scenery helps though – I think anyone would struggle to take a bad shot when you are presented with a view link this:

I started my day with a walk around the Village Rim Trail, a short(ish!) stroll around Kananaskis Village centre – Within 200 yards I came face to face with a fantastic visa:


Just stunning…

I then moved on to walk the Trolls Falls trail – If one thing has struck me more than anything so far, it is the quiet – I only saw two other people along the whole route, and (bizarrely) they were ‘Bow Hunting Elk’. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

The Trolls Falls trek was well worth the effort – It is about 1.3KM each way from the road, but you are greeted at the end with a fantastic wall of water: Took loads of shots as expected, a select few are on my Flickr Site

Canada so far is simply breath-taking, the people are friendly, and the roads totally deserted:

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!