GyPSy Guide

I know I keep mentioning this GyPSy Guide that is helping me find my way around Canada in my previous posts, but what exactly is it?

First things first, I don’t have a ‘traveller’ in the passenger seat who keeps offering to Tarmac my drive, or look after my ‘dag’. – Not that sort of Gypsy at all… The clue is in the way GyPSy is written, emphasising GPS.

So, GyPSy is just another name for a TomTom? Absolutely not, in fact, there is no way of entering a destination into it, so it isn’t designed to find hotels for you, for example.

So what is it for then?!

Rent this small device (about the size of a mobile phone) and plug it in to the car stereo (I am using the AUX connection, but it also comes with am FM Transmitter in case your car doesn’t have one).

The GyPSy then automatically plays commentary as you arrive at points along your day’s travel route.

For example, it tells you about the beautiful scenery, interesting stories of past explorers, gives advice on where to watch for wildlife and tells quirky tales about Canada.

All the information is presented by professional local tour guides in Canada, and really is a very entertaining and informative way to tour around.

Although I said it doesn’t replace a traditional ‘enter the postcode’ Satnav, it works perfectly along side it.

As well as commentary on local communities and attractions, the guide also gives basic direction instructions at major intersections, shows photo viewpoints on it’s screen and (best of all in my opinion) suggest short side trips to places you simply wouldn’t have found on your own.

When ever we have done a touring style holiday before (California, Yosemite or Florida for example), my excellent tour guide has always been Clare with a Lonely Planet book…. as she isn’t here with me in Canada, I needed a substitute: The GyPSy guide has hit the spot.

In summary, the unit is a totally unintrusive, informative, fun way to learn about Canada as you tour around, at your own pace.

It is not banging on then whole time either, if fact sometimes it goes quiet for 10 minutes or so (and tells you it is going to to let you enjoy the scenery), before making you jump a bit as it starts chatting again (but you get used to that!)

I was dubious of the benefit before I booked the unit, but in hindsight it has
proved itself to be invaluable to me – I have seen and photographed so many locations that I simply wouldn’t have known about without it.

Excellent product – Highly recommended… Even if you are not travelling alone – I can imagine it prompting discussion in the car when travelling as group.

You can find out more at

Now, I have to go as me and my guide are off to Sun Peaks British Columbia, via… Who knows?!

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