Discovering Grizzly Bears

Today’s tour is managed by Discover Banff Tours: specifically by the excellent guide Hugh Johnson (is THAT for real?!) and his bus ‘Tom’- each bus has a name!

Seeing as Banff National park is 6640 sq. km (approx. 2500 sq. miles!), and only has around 60 Grizzly Bears – Needle in a haystack springs to mind, but we will see how we get on!

First leg is off on the Trans-Canada HW to Lake Louise for a quick 20 minute stop:

D30 6082

All photos in this post will be taken with the iPhone4. Taking plenty with the D300 and G11, but the current lack of laptop makes posting difficult on the go!

So off west now to Golden, BC, stopping at Takakkaw Falls on the way – The second highest falls in Canada:

IMG 1493 22070

And now the 90 minute drive to the Kicking Horse Resort, to look at the Bear refuge (and have some lunch).

Kicking Horse is the home of extreme sport in BC. A ski resort in the winter months which is then transformed into a mental Mountain Bike run during the off season – Basically people take their bikes up to the top via the cable car, and then hurtle down the ski-runs on them.

To make it more ‘interesting’ ramps and jumps are thrown in for good measure!

Lunch is at the top of the mountain too, via the Cable Car and then Ski Chair lift, at Canada’s highest restaurant (7,700 ft).

D30 6090

D30 6089

Now to listen to the experts and search for Bears

Success! Just seen two Grizzlies in the wild – huge animals, even at this distance. Images from D300 later.

Super day with 4 Germans (none of whom mentioned the World Cup!) 2 Spaniards and a family of Australians.

Off to Jasper tomorrow, via the Columbia Icefields

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