Crazy Fish Bistro

I have been eating at a variety of places during my time in Canada – Japanese, Mexican, Canadian (read Alberta PrimeRib) and Italian so far…

Last night in Harrison I decided to have a stroll about to see what I could find – and I stumbled across an absolute gem, Crazy Fish Bistro.

We have a Fish only restaurant at home in Bedford (Eat Fish) which Clare and I promised ourselves we would check out; Unfortunately it was really disappointing when we did, so our search for a really good fish restaurant continued… That search is now over!

The restaurant looks like a shack from outside, but it nicely decorated inside, a bit like a log cabin.

The staff are great, really chatty and helpful: and not at all pretentious or stuffy… It is a ‘cool restaurant’ rather than a ‘posh restaurant’.

And the food? Outstanding!

I had the Blackened Snapper, a 7-8oz. snapper fillet coated in cajun spices, topped with a lime and tequila salsa. It was served with rice and a huge amount of grilled vegetables.

The fish was excellent – The salsa sublime… And everything was grilled (how can food be this tasty AND healthy?!).

Fortunately I have another evening here tonight, so I am going back to have the chef’s recommend Sweet and Spicy fresh BC Salmon (a dish they explained they couldn’t do last season as they couldn’t get fresh Salmon locally, and refused to use frozen!)

I know it is unlikely, but if you are in ever in the BC area, it is well worth the trip.

Oh, and the view over Harrison Lake on the walk back to the hotel is stunning too.

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