Best of Both

I left the ski resort of Sun Peaks this morning, heading for Harrison Lake (my stop for the next two nights).

Following advice from some locals, I decided to take the 2 hour (!) detour enroute to visit the city of Kelowna, BC.

…and I am glad I did! Kelowna is a summer holiday location for a lot of British Columbians – Having a great mix of shops, bars, parks and watersports… And a cracking climate!

IMG 1584 22012

It is known here at the ‘California of the North’, which suits it well. This is a really nice laid-back atmosphere to the place.

I left Sun Peaks this morning in jeans and a hoodie – It was chilly!; I should have put shorts and a t-shirt on instead for here:

IMG 1585 21976

The weather is gorgeous, as is the view, as I sit here in the City Park overlooking the harbour with my Caramel Pecan waffle cone.

Canada continues to impress – Snow to Sun within a 4 hour drive.


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