Banff to Jasper

Today was a real ‘road trip’ day – although Banff to Jasper is only 240km, I managed to take all day to do it.

The ‘problem’ with The Rockies is that there is simply no boring roads or views – There is always something to see, photograph or do around each bend.

The excellent ‘GyPSy Guide’ makes it even more difficult as it ensures you don’t miss anything either (I promise a full post on this cool bit of kit soon!)

I decided to travel on the Bow Valley road, rather than HW1, via Lake Louise on the first leg of the trip, before moving on to HW93 (The Icefield Parkway).

I had photographed Lake Louise on Friday as part of that day’s tour, so decided to look at Morataine Lake instead – I am glad I did, I think it is even more gorgeous than Lake Louise:

D30 6170 21676

The trek up the rocks to get to this view was a little tricky (especially with all my camera gear, and in thin air at 7000ft above sea level), but I think it was worth the effort.

IMG 1516

A few more lakes, mountain passes and waterfalls later, I finally arrived at the Columbia Icefield Experience.

The Icefield feeds the Athabasca Glacier, a huge piece of ice 4 miles long covering more than 3 square miles.

The Glacier is impressive enough to see from a distance, even better is to actually go onto it – at more than 1000ft deep (!) I thought it would be pretty safe, but was sure the Chevy Malibu wouldn’t be up to the task…. But I did find something that would be:

The Ice Explorer

IMG 1526 22206

It was obviously very cold and windy out on the glacier, but an experience I simply won’t forget – It really was like being on a different planet.

IMG 1529 22026

Brilliant experience.

And just when you think Canada couldn’t get any better, I arrive at Athabasca Falls – The water from the melting Glacier bursting through Quartz to produce a huge roaring falls (this is just the top!)

IMG 1546 22084

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