And then it died

So, I checked into my Hotel in Banff, eagerly looking forward to seeing today’s photos on the Macbook Pro.

I turned it on, heard the welcome ‘chime’ and then… Nothing. A blank black screen – no illuminated Apple logo, nothing.

I tried again, and again…

Removed the battery – nothing.

I am so glad I didn’t delete the images from my CF Cards… Always best to keep copies.

I do have the iPad and camera connection kit, so I can back images up to that, but don’t think I have enough space to store all of the RAW images I am taking.

It also makes Blogging a little more difficult, but still totally ‘do-able’ using Blogpost on the iPad… If a lot slower than composing with Mars Edit on the Macbook Pro.

The biggest issue is that I bought the Macbook Pro with me for iChat: Video calling the girls.

Looks like a voice only Skype solution will have to do – Makes being away from them that bit tougher though.

I will take the poorly Macbook Pro to Apple when I get to Vancouver, but that isn’t until mid next week; And I am not sure there is much they can do anyway.

Updates may be a little more sporadic than planned!

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