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2017 Topics Challenge – January “Celebrate”

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12 months, 12 topics, 4 photographers

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Our challenge for 2017

Christmas seems an age away, and here we are, nearly at the end of January already, so it is finally time to announce my (well, actually OUR) Photography Project for 2017.

The concept is simple, we have 12 topics (1 per month) that each of will use for inspiration.

Myself, Clare, Caitlin and Megan will each choice our favourite image that we have taken in the month, that we feel best represents the chosen theme.

There are just a few simple rules:

  • The image must be taken in the relevant month
  • Basic cropping, levels and tone editing is allowed, but definitely NO composite Photoshop magic
  • You can use ANY camera you like

Why are we doing this?

The main driver is to get us to be a bit more creative… But it is so much more than that;

The girls take dozens of photos every month, 99% of which are “selfies” that never get to see the light of day – My hope is that they will start to take a closer look at what is around them, and be encouraged to take more photos.

It will also encourage us to get out and about more, and also to plan ahead, so that we have something to look forward to as a family each month.

Although the girls will be encouraged to take shots themselves, if they have a specific idea that they need a hand to set-up, then that is fine… As I say, it is ALL about being creative.

In Print

Digital photography is great, but how often do we actually share those images, or, god forbid, ever print them?! – Our challenge will change that…

The girls got a Canon Selphy CP1200 printer for Christmas – What a super fun, tiny piece of kit… It means that they can print directly from their Phones via Bluetooth in seconds… The paper and inks come in packs, so you never have paper, but no ink, or vice versa. Oh, and the way that the machine prints one colour at a time is super cool – It really is like watching the photo develop!

Screen Shot 2017 01 21 at 11 33 22

So, we will have 4 images printed each month, which we will display at home…

A sense of competition

So, where of YOU come in?

I will produce a blog post at the end of each month, showcasing the four images, encouraging you to vote for your favourite, via a simple poll on the post. For fairness, we won’t tell you who took which image (although you may be able to work some out!).

The photos will also be shared on Facebook and Twitter, so please feel free to give us your feedback… Remember, the competition is NOT about perfect photography; It is about which image you think best represents the theme of the month.

What is coming?

  • January – Celebrate
  • February – Hobbies
  • March – Mums
  • April – Barcelona
  • May – Food and Drink
  • June – Fast
  • July – Something with wheels
  • August – Summer
  • Septemeber – Colours
  • October – Patterns
  • November – Music
  • December – Christmas
With New Year and Cait and Mari’s birthdays in January, we should be able to hit the ground running!
Wish us luck
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P90245808 highRes rolls royce ghost

The judges at the What Car? Awards, one of the most important measures of success in the automotive calendar, have once again declared Ghost the best super-luxury car in the world, completing a hat-trick of victories for Ghost family motor cars in its most prestigious category, luxury cars over £100,000.

In awarding Ghost Extended Wheelbase the What Car? judges praised the car for its perfect marriage of driving dynamics and supremacy as the consummate entrepreneurs limousine:

“Designed as the Rolls-Royce for the owner who’d prefer to spend some time in the driver’s seat, the Ghost offers the class and attention-to-detail the brand is famous for. Under its bonnet is a 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12 that’s as discreet as it is potent. The ride is very forgiving, and the light but precise steering makes this massive car surprisingly easy to place and manoeuvre. If you’d rather employ someone else to do the driving, the Ghost will perform well as a chauffeur-driven limousine – this Extended Wheelbase model gets reclining rear seats and an extra 17cm of leg room over the already spacious standard Ghost.”

Since its launch in 2011, Ghost Extended Wheelbase has perfectly combined Ghost’s hallmark effortless simplicity, cutting-edge technology and contemporary interpretation of Rolls-Royce design language with the more indulgent proportions of an Extended Wheelbase chauffer-driven motor car. This unique blend, married to a peerless scope for Bespoke personalisation, has endeared a new generation of successful entrepreneurs to the marque – taking its place as the ultimate symbol of attainment for the influential men and women that drive our economies and create wealth. In 2016 Ghost was presented in a new guise with the introduction of the Black Badge series. This authentic design and engineering statement serves as a truly Bespoke response, befitting the world’s most celebrated luxury house, to the desires of a highly creative, dynamic new breed of entrepreneur.

“Accolades like this reaffirm Ghost’s standing as the ultimate statement of attainment for the world’s most successful entrepreneurs,” said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “Since its introduction Ghost has stood alone in conveying the world’s wealth creators a highly contemporary, less formal interpretation of true luxury. This continuing success and critical acclaim from the industry’s landmark Awards is highly gratifying for everyone concerned with crafting the ‘Best Cars in the World’ at our centre of excellence in Goodwood, England.”

This critical acclaim is echoed in sustained customer demand. Ghost also played a major role in contributing to the second highest sales results in the marque’s history in 2016 – emphatically affirming its status as the business limousine of choice. Indeed, Ghost totally dominates the super-luxury class (€200,000+).

This honour follows success in the UK Car of the Year Awards for Dawn and adds to the numerous global accolades Ghost has enjoyed since its first introduction in 2009 followed by a sensitive evolution in 2014 with the launch of Ghost Series II.

Kineo’s ability to meet business needs is in the numbers

Kineo’s ability to meet business needs is in the numbers:

Every year Kineo’s Client Services Team conducts a survey with our LMS clients to review the support services we provide our clients. With the purpose of keeping ourselves responsive and agile in meeting our clients’ needs, the team helps clients meet the demands of today’s modern learner and achieve results. Their purpose is to be an extension of a client’s team and be their trusted workplace partner to help them succeed.  

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LEGO Speed Champions Winter 2017 Official Box Art Images

LEGO Speed Champions Winter 2017 Official Box Art Images:


LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari FXX K & Development Center (75882)

Last week, we saw the product images of the Winter 2017 LEGO Speed Champions sets and today we now have the box art images courtesy of an anonymous reader. Again, we have images of five of the sets with the Mercedes Pit Stop (75880) being a store exclusive so no images of that set yet. This wave should be in stores late February/early March.

Mercedes AMG GT3 (75877)



LEGO Speed Champions Mercedes AMG GT3 (75877)

Bugatti Chiron (75878)



LEGO Speed Champions Bugatti Chiron (75878)

Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H (75879)



LEGO Speed Champions Scuderia Ferrari SF16-H (75879)

Ford GT 2016 & Ford 1966 GT40 (75881)



LEGO Speed Champions Ford GT 2016 & Ford 1966 GT40 (75881)

Ferrari FXX K & Development Center (75882)



LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari FXX K & Development Center (75882)

Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team (75883)



LEGO Speed Champions Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team (75883)

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Amazon’s Alexa is everywhere at CES 2017

Amazon’s Alexa is everywhere at CES 2017:

Amazon isn’t at CES in any formal capacity, but once again, it seems to be everywhere thanks to Alexa. Since opening up its voice assistant to other companies’ products, we’ve seen it put in all types of gadgets and gain some strange integrations. And at CES this week, the continuation of that is one of the biggest trends we’ve seen.

Here are the highlights:

Alexa built in

These products include a microphone and speakers, so you can talk directly to them to interact with Alexa — no Echo required.

Alexa integrations

Even more products are adding integrations with Alexa, meaning they can be controlled by voice commands given to an Echo, Echo Dot, or any of the Alexa-enabled devices listed above.

That’s (most of) what we’ve spotted so far, but there’s likely to be more out there already and more to come. GeekWire reports that Alexa is now past 7,000 “skills” — Amazon’s name for integrations — more than doubling its total from September. In June, it had only 1,000 integrations.

Clearly, companies are interested. The question now may be: with such a wide variety of integrations and varying product qualities, can Amazon keep it all together in a way consumers continue to respect?

(Via The Verge – All Posts)

An up-close look at Bentley’s 209-mph Continental Supersports

An up-close look at Bentley’s 209-mph Continental Supersports:

If you have three friends and you all need to get somewhere really quickly, perhaps the Bentley Continental Supersports is the car for you. It’s the fastest accelerating Bentley ever, and the fastest four-seat car ever built. 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 209 mph is enough to snap anyone’s head back, all thanks to a massive six-liter twin-turbo W12 engine that puts out 700 horsepower and 750 lb-ft of torque. There’s a convertible version, too, though removing the roof slows things down slightly — it can do 0-60 in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 205 mph.

The Verge got a look at the car in an alley behind a Detroit art galley, a literal breath of fresh (frigid) air from the sterile environs of the show floor. It’s outrageous but dignified, full of angles and muscle and splitters. It’s ready to pounce but still oozing with Bentley-ness. It’s everything that a Grand Tourer should be: a long-distance cruiser with the oomph to outrun anyone you’re likely to run into, while still keeping you more comfortable than should be possible at triple-digit speeds.

Bentley says deliveries of the Continental Supersports will begin this fall, with the US limited to just 250 units. Pricing was not disclosed, but the standard Continental starts around $200,000.



(Via The Verge – All Posts)

BMW thinks your car interior will look like this in five years

BMW thinks your car interior will look like this in five years:

BMW today unveiled what it called a “glimpse into the mid-future” for the interior of its cars. It’s called the BMW i Inside Future sculpture, and it’s what BMW thinks you might be sitting in after 2020. It’s got comfy seats, a futuristic control system called HoloActive Touch, and the ability for each passenger to watch their own videos or listen to music without bothering everyone else in the car.

These concept designs are important because the way we ride in cars will be changing over the next decade. Instead of driving everywhere, new cars will be able to drive us around while we read a book, take a nap, or (for many of us, sadly) get some work done. BMW calls it a “living space for comfort-focused, permanently connected users.”

I’m not sure about all that, but it looks like something out of an ultra-modern furniture catalog. There are even books under the back seats! Sold.


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Fujifilm’s X-Pro2 and X-T2 now come in silver

Fujifilm’s X-Pro2 and X-T2 now come in silver:

If you still haven’t been able to find Fujifilm’s excellent X-T2 in stock, or if the equally wonderful (and my personal favorite) X-Pro2 is yet to persuade you of its charms, perhaps these new variants will tip you over the purchasing edge. Fujifilm is launching “Graphite” — gunmetal gray / silver, basically — models of each camera; it did the same thing with the X-T1, but this is the first time an X-Pro has been available in anything other than all black.

The graphite X-Pro2 will be available in a $1,799.95 kit with a matching 23mm f/2 weather-resistant lens and hood kit, while the X-T2 body will be sold alone for a somewhat eye-watering $2,299.95. Both are coming late January in the US.

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