Testing 123 – UPDATE

Looks like a couple of the WordPress plug-ins could be causing MarsEdit to fail.

Need to get it working!


New blog posts are working just fine – The issue appears to be with the post that were imported from Tumbler.

At least Mars Edit  is sort of working now.


After excellent support from Daniel at Red Sweater, it transpires that the issue was actually a security setting, server side, on SiteGround’s side of things.

All sorted now, so back to MarsEdit to not only create posts, but amend and update them too.

My Musings…

XE1_Westy-02Although very much a Work in Progress – I am pleased to announce that WestyPhotography now has a WordPress blog.

As usual, Don McAllister’s Screencastsonline is very much to blame…

Unknown-2 Not only did Don set-up his own WordPress site recently – and great it looks too over at  screencastsonline/blog , but he also agree to produce a show on how easy it is to set-up your  own WordPress blog.

I would like to think that my request for such a show over on Don’s Google+ community helped!

Anyhow, all posts will go directly onto my new blog at WestyBlog.com , as well as being cross posted to Google+, Twitter and my Facebook Page

I am especially excited to use to blog to update you all on the progress of our racing project in the 750mc MR2 championship.logo

A full season of racing awaits next year… In the meantime, look out for us at

Donington Park on the 4th and 5th of October.

A link for more information can be found here: 750MC Donington

I hope that you will find something of interest on the Blog at some point!

All the best,